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Vibrational therapy, aka sound healing, can take many different forms and serve many different purposes. I aim to share practical tools and education to help you discover how sound therapy can enrich your life and support your healing process.

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1:11 creator & sound therapist

Oh, There's a Sound for That!

Stressed out? Sleep deprived? In Pain?

...Luckily, there's a sound for that! Book a session to dive into the nitty gritty of how sound healing can help you.

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Home Note Discovery

The frequency of peace and stability for your body and nervous system

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VoiceBio Frequency Analysis

Map the Frequencies of Your Voice to Understand Energetic Imbalances Within

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Top 5 Conscious Music Artists of 2023

Top 5 Conscious Music Artists of 2023

By Nicholas Penn

Music has the profound ability to transform how we think and feel about ourselves and the world around us.  In todays world, I believe it has never been more important...

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How to Find BPM for Binaural Beats to Tune Rhythms to Brainwaves | Sound Healing

How to Find BPM for Binaural Beats to Tune Rhythms to Brainwaves | Sound Healing

By Nicholas Penn

Quick Guide to Different BPM's for Sound Healing As a sound therapist creating custom sounds for clients, it's super helpful for me to have readily available info for...

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