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Hello!  My name is Nicholas and I'm a life long musician, artist, producer, and sound therapist.  I started 1:11 Sound Healing as a vehicle for serving and educating the world on the amazing benefits of sound healing, and to empower YOU to recognize the great power you have within yourself to affect positive change in your own life with vibration and frequency.  

The most powerful sound healing practices are extremely simple.  My mission is to teach you the basics of sonic hygiene, the flossing and brushing of sound therapy if you will, that you can carry with you and use anywhere at any time to restore peace and stability.

Sound healing IS the future of medicine and will totally reshape how we interact with the universe around us, especially the challenges life throws our way.

Join me in this exploration of healing and find out what it really means to be humming with energy.


Professional Life

I've been fortunate to spend 10+ years working in the wellness industry for various high impact companies that have done amazing work. 

I spent 6+ years helping grow an organic cold-pressed juice company where I both managed daily operations of 6 stores as well as become the main chef and product developer, creating new delicious juice recipes, super-food smoothie recipes, adaptogenic tonics, and more. 

In recent years since the pandemic I've had the honor of working with Sounds True, a company that is at the forefront of mindfulness education.  During this time, I helped initiate and have served as lead producer making and releasing audio albums for Eckhart Tolle.  I have also found myself serving as a lead producer and content strategist on their YouTube channel, and have gone on to provide YouTube support other sound healing companies like Hemi-Sync® and Globe Sound Healing Center.  

While these things are great, my real passion is of course for sharing music and sound, which I have been writing, performing, and recording all the while.  I've spent a good bit of time playing finger-style guitar music for yoga classes and festivals.  

In 2022 I got my Sound Healing Certification from Globe Sound Healing Center.  

I have a B.A. in Sociology with a minor in philosophy if anyone cares :)...

Please let me know how I can be of service to you.


Nicholas Penn



“Nicholas Penn is captivatingly modest. His music marries quietly masterful guitar playing with wistful narratives that question the state of our interior and exterior worlds — all the while remaining wryly hopeful. His music is disarming… and that’s not an accident. He’d like to see less fighting and more love in the world. His confident music inspires a shred of hope that things could turn out that way.” - 88.1 FM WRFL

“Nicholas is a gem. He was professional and positive in his communication from the point when he first reached out to our studio to finish. It's obvious that Nicholas has a deep passion for and connection with yoga and serving students through his music. Nicholas performed at three different style of classes from a vinyasa flow to a restorative yin. He knew just what to play for the energy of the class and the positive feedback from our students was abundant. Nicholas is humble, talented, kind and respectful. We can't wait to have him back at the studio and would recommend him for other studios or larger events. Thanks Nicholas and we wish you much success!”

-Emily Marquis, Yoga Olas, Salida CO

“Nicholas - I’ve been meaning to follow up! We are so grateful for your visit to Salida and for supporting our classes with music. Our community responded so well to the events. I’m still getting great feedback! I really appreciate your professionalism, graciousness, and talent - I was especially impressed by your ability to play continuously! It was a really cool experience all around. Please know you are welcome back anytime. We wish you well on your musical travels. Keep sharing that beautiful gift of yours!”

-Megan Kahn, Owner, Yoga Olas, Salida, Co


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