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VoiceBio Analysis | A Frequency Map of Energy In The Body

VoiceBio Analysis | A Frequency Map of Energy In The Body

The human body IS an instrument, and everything about this human instrument is carried in the voice.  Using the VoiceBio technology, we can record energetic information from the voice, and begin to understand where certain energies are blocked (frequency deficiency), or where there is an overabundance (toxicity) of certain energies, and develop a plan for balancing energetic disturbances.

Trauma, Emotions, Physical Health, & Resonance

Nothing in the body (or the universe) happens in isolation, and when there is an emotional disturbance or trauma that happens in a persons life, it's well understood that these energies have an impact on our physical health and the functions of certain organs.  Trauma is especially notorious for being stored within the body, but this often goes unrecognized and un-dealt with in the hustle of daily life.  

Negative emotions like anger, fear, and anxiety create chaotic vibrations within the body that are harmful to physical health, whereas the definition of peace is a stable consistent vibration.  

Experiences like trauma can completely shut down entire energetic pathways within the body, creating extreme blockages.

When a Voice Print is completed using VoiceBio, we get a wholistic map of the interconnectedness of the emotional and physical correspondences, as well as indicators as to what types of nutrition, lifestyle changes, emotional healing, & frequency supplementation, may help resonate the individual back into health.  

When there is dis-ease within the body, a sound therapy perspective would say that the body isn't resonating at it's natural peaceful (stable) frequency.  Our work is to resonate those aspects of ourselves back into their natural peaceful states, and VoiceBio gives us a map for doing so.

Note: Maps are great, but the ultimate responsibility for wellness lies in the hands of YOU the human, as only you can make the choices necessary for improving your individual wellness.   

VoiceBio Technology In Use

VoiceBio is used by many wellness professionals of different types, including in mainstream medical care by the Mayo Clinic.  The most common places you'll find this technology being implemented are in the offices of naturopathic doctors, acupuncturists, chiropractors, and sound therapy professionals.  

Developed by Kae Thompson-Liu, ND, MHt

Kae Thompson-Liu is the developer of VoiceBio©™ and the founder/director of VIBEprints©™ Corporation. Based outside of Roanoke, VA, she currently writes, teaches classes and continues to create new technology around the principles of voice and frequency. 

Prior to Your Voice Print Session

For best results, please do not consume any food, caffeine, tobacco, cannabis, or any other stimulant or sedative within 1 hour of your voice print session.  

You will need to be alone, not in the presence of a friend or family member (their energy can actually effect your energy and skew the results of the voice print).  Women who are pregnant will not be able to do an accurate voice print due to the energy of the baby effecting the energy of the mother.  

You'll want to be seated comfortably without your arms or legs crossed in any way, and should avoid looking at the computer or phone screen while doing the voice print.  

The Process of Taking a Voice Print

*Prior to the voice print you are required to sign an informed consent and release form.  This will arrive via email for electronic signature prior to your session.

The process itself only takes about 10-15 minutes, after which we will discuss the results and give you techniques for using your own voice to balance the energy.

I will simply ask you to respond to three questions that elicit different emotional responses.  I will record the frequencies present in each response, and once I've collected enough data, we will move to the next question.  A bar graph is created for the frequencies recorded in each response, and then a composite bar graph is created by combining the charts from each question.  

Normal Balanced Chart 

*Notice the smooth curves, almost like an ocean wave or sin wave.  A balanced voice should hit all of the different notes in a musical scale while speaking.


Chart Showing Imbalances

*Notice the lack of smooth wave shape and a big spike in energy on the note A.  Low representation of many of the notes in the speaking voice, but an over abundance of the note A.  


Chart Showing Trauma Episode

*Notice how half of the frequencies aren't being expressed through the speaking voice, indicating energetic blockages associated with those notes.  


VoiceBio sessions only available to local clients in the San Luis Valley, CO



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