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Introduction Sound Healing - Video Series By David Gibson (must watch)

Introduction Sound Healing - Video Series By David Gibson (must watch)

If you are new to the concepts of sound healing or are interested in getting certified to become a sound healing practitioner, this collection of videos are a must watch.  David Gibson is the founder of Globe Sound Healing Institute and has recently begun releasing some of his classes for free on YouTube.  

The videos on this page will not only blow your mind, but will inspire and motivate you to learn more about how vibration can support wellness and healing.

While extremely in-depth and valuable on their own, these lessons represent only a fraction of the teachings you'll experience when you sign up for the 6 month sound healing certificate program.  If you do end up registering for the certification, please tell David that you learned about the program for me so that he can hook me up with a small commission.  

I participated in the program in 2022, and since then I have begun a rewarding career as a sound therapist as well as helping David with some freelance marketing work including publishing the following videos to YouTube on his behalf.  

Hope you in-joy!

DNA of Sound: The Harmonic Structure of Sound


The Hierarchy of Vibration

Intro to Healing with Sound

The Most Powerful Sound Healing Tool Is Your Voice

How Sound Affects Physiology

How to Use Various Sound Healing Instruments

Tuning Systems In Sound Healing


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